You Will Consume Me

by Twin Bruises

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Drew Emerson
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Drew Emerson SHE TOLD ME YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE IN LOVE, TO CARE. Nuff said. Favorite track: What I'm Really Thinking.
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Huge thank you to John Klawitter for letting us into his home to record, we couldn't have done this with out him. Thank you to the people who support us, thank you for sharing this with us. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.


released April 20, 2015

Guitar/Vox: Max
Guitar/Vox: Jacob
Bass: Hunter
Drums: Evan



all rights reserved


Twin Bruises Mission Viejo, California

This is a emo band from the OC.

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Track Name: Better Than I Used to
The pale purple crescent-moons surrounding my knuckles
My clenched fist
The bruises on my legs resembled
spiral galaxies with a color-palate of the grim reaper
Who I was back then is not what I'm proud of
but who I am now is what I'm proud of
I've surrounded myself with people who love me,
But back then that wasn't the case
I watched a woman I once loved disassemble into a dark mass
I watched a man I once loved disinegrate into nothingness
For a couple of pills
And I took it out on myself
So if any of you ever think you are worthless or nothing
just know I will be there
Because I've been there
I will be there.

I fucked up for a second
or a minute
whatever it takes

I need some luck or some incite-full information
whatever you take

Cuz I'm letting go
of the past time
this is the last time I give it away
so don't let go for a second or a minute
whatever it takes

don't let go hold on for me
(don't let go)
Track Name: What I'm Really Thinking
I wish you could remember what you said last night
because you where hammered and higher than the skies
and I was oh so scared by the way you flicked your hair
because it wasn't for me
it was for some other guys who dare

she told me "you don't have to be in love to care"
even though you may seem alone she will always be there

I wish I could get high and not throw up my guts
so I can get high up and over you

it takes time
for now I'm walking in the dark
(I cant wait forever it seems so long)
Track Name: Whatever Lets You Sleep at Night
"I'm feeling fine"
It's disguise
a full proof plan to your white lies
you came up to my room to tell me it was way to soon to
to soon to seen what you need
please let me know before you leave
before you go I beg and plead
let me know before you leave

forever never last I watched my life flash right before my eyes
I don't want this to die
I love you but its hard for me to be the man I know you need
I'm done you've won

the trees where green
your eyes where blue
the skies turned gray
and so did you

you've won
Track Name: Don't Worry, I'm a Boy Scout
Cuz you take what you want and you leave
tearing my heart from my sleeve
so young and dumb and I fell off the edge

cuz this is over
and I don't wanna say
that I need you
in every kind of way

in my veins you're a stain going numb
when you call I cant help but to answer it all
even if I know that

that this is over
and I don't wanna say
that I need you
in every kind of way